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Retrieved Funds is a fully accredited, comprehensive service provider specializing in auditing government agencies across the nation. Our focus is on identifying public funds that may rightfully belong to you.

We offer consultation and help with assets recovery services.
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About Us

Our company and dedicated staff are committed to assisting you in locating and recovering unclaimed, missing, or lost funds rightfully belonging to you, the private citizen, that are currently held by government county agencies. It's important to note that there are approximately $4 billion in unclaimed funds sitting in government accounts, with many individuals unaware of their existence or that these funds are tied to their name. This is where our expertise comes into play.

Numerous government agencies face challenges in reclaiming these funds, and if left unclaimed, they may eventually revert back to the government agency holding them. Time is of the essence in securing what rightfully belongs to you. If you suspect that you may have unclaimed funds owed to you, we urge you to reach out to our office at your earliest convenience.

Our Services

We audit some of the government agencies across the nation to find unclaimed funds and missing money owed to individuals and businesses. These lost assets are public but often go unreturned as government lets time limits expire, enabling them to retain the funds.

Our Vision

At Retrieved Funds, our primary goal and mission are to reconnect individuals with government held funds that rightfully belong to them but have gone unnoticed. These funds are typically held for a limited period, and if not claimed in time, they risk becoming permanently lost.

How it Works

After confirming that we have located the funds rightfully belonging to you, we will arrange a convenient appointment for a notary to visit you and assist with the necessary paperwork, enabling us to initiate the process.


Our compensation structure is based solely on successful claim collection. We handle all the paperwork, shoulder all associated expenses, and take on any associated risks. Our fees are contingent upon the successful retrieval of your funds.

How it works


"I had no idea this money was owed to me. This money has substantially helped myself and family.
Thanks Retrieved Funds!" 

Retrieve Funds

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